Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2 in 52.

A huge part of me is what you see in this picture above.  These two are the reason k.Mac was born; they are the proof in my pudding that staying home is a good thing.  

For almost 7 years, I have had Eli Garrett by my side.  
Energy driven and soft hearted, this little mister is a magical design of goodness in progress.

And, for almost 5 years (t-minus 17 days and counting) Casey McGill has called me mama.
He is fiercely full of character and strong will.

Simply put, life, well, life gets in the way of honoring them.  Too often, schedules and tired eyes leave me overlooking the joy that I have been given to carry the name mama.

Ruffled & raw edges,while we rub close in proximity, create a dullness to my perception of them more frequently than I care to admit.

So, I am challenging myself to actively pause and reflect.

{on them}
{for 52 weeks}

Because, they are here under my wing for only a short while.

And soon, through practice & dreams & growth, they will fly away from this place called our home.

The memories I choose to keep will be the remains of their wonderment here.

{keep memories}
{actively pause & reflect}

I'm gonna.
Once a week here.

.mac :)


April said...

Such a sweet post! Take it from someone who's already sent one daughter off to college and is getting her heart ready to do it with daughter #2 in just a few short years...time flies so much faster than you realize. One day, you're rocking your babies to sleep in your arms and the very next day, you're packing up their rooms so they can begin their own lives. Relish in every single moment you have...and don't take one of them for granted.

The Wood Family said...

Love it! What a great idea. I'm sure you'll see them differently and they will experience the benefits of that too! Miss you girlfriend! =)

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