Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking Back

I often wonder what they'll look back on and remember?
And, what I'll remember too.

When the 2 beside me make their way.

with voices deep
and shaving cream kits

Will they remember the cakes and cookies we used to bake?
The so many snuggles we shared as we read our way through fantastical books?
And, I don't think they'll forget the times we went swimming and on adventure walks, do you?

As for me, I won't.

I'll remember.

Eli,  your amazing drive to play and your passion for trains, then states & capitals, the Titanic, and the Civil War are etched in my memory book for certain.

And your "lasterday" and "missed it" and "Eli's light" too.
Turning the pages in a book at just 3 months old.

I won't forget.

Mr. Casey Face, your curiosity, magnificent memory and adoration for sports has been logged in my record books with permanent ink.

Your "on wildcat" times as an infant and your complete & absolute love of mama.
Your imagination and story telling too.

I won't forget.

I'll remember.

But you two?
What will you remember?

If not the cakes or the swimming, the tickle fights with Daddy and the kitchen dancing with mama, remember this:

Because that's the best part,



April said...

Oh, there's no doubt...they WILL remember!

mcbsbows said...

I am feeling nostalgic over everything these days too! Glad to hear it's not just me!

P.S. I ate Skittles last night after supper and thought of you - although I kept all of them - including the orange ones - for myself!

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