Thursday, January 19, 2012


race, race, race, 
finish, finish, finish, 

laundry [and put it away, damnit}
clean toilets
reading with Eli
math with Casey
the blasted dishwasher {hurry, quick and see how fast you can get it emptied}
computer time with boys
email the client back
get the fabric samples ready first
call about the repair man
What time is his practice again?
jOuRnAl time
be positive & have patience
I need to hang those curtains.
Ooh, those cats are scattering litter AGAIN.
reading with Casey
Eli, stop grabbing Casey's face.
The landscape quote is ridiculously too much.
Make next round of candles.
When was the last time I vacuumed?
painting with boys
What are we gonna eat for dinner?
Quarterly taxes are due tomorrow
finish pillow design
send out orders
I think I'm out of packing tape.
That garage needs to be organized like yesterday.
I can't remember the last time I washed my hair.
Make the note she wants her monogram font changed on her order.
We're outta milk.

May I be mindful.
The run-n-gun checklist locked & loaded inside of me is not meant for firing.
It's the ammunition inside of it that counts.
That potential energy encapsulated.
May I use it for good.
My day.
My attitude.
My choice.

.mac :)


Katie said...

I liked this a lot, Meghan. I would do good to remember this too. :D

Aimee D said...

amen sister! that's my heart this week too...may we encourage each other to walk freely through our day with attitudes that are thankful for all the snags...

and you said "damnit!" shame on you! ;)

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