Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dancing Queens

I'm a dancer. You know this, right?

Evidence to support this statement can be found here for those doubters.

Well, it turns out, Mollye is too. You MUST go see this girl in FULL SWING here.


Matter of fact, leave that sweet S-I-L of mine a comment if you want. She is ready to take blogging by storm and could use a little comment-love for inspiration!

I cannot tell you how much fun this little Mollye is.
She is FULL of personality and strong will.

I eat her up everytime I am around her.
That prissy little walk-waddle of hers just melts me.

And if you think for one second that Aunt Meg won't be going out dancing with her when she's of age and ready...YOU.ARE.DEAD.WRONG!

Yeah, I might be like 50 something, but I am pretty sure I will still be able to shake it.

Oh for the love of the dance.

.mac :)

p.s. One of my new year's resolutions is to join a square dance club. Yes, alone. Kenny would not even think of doing something like this. And that's okay. This sister can rock out all by herself. I'm torn between a clogging group or a square dance club. You think I'm joking, don't you? Nope.

It's a tricky decision, girls. Tricky.

They BOTH have the most imortants to me:
  • music
  • dancing
  • short uber ruffly dresses

The square dancing advantage:


The clogging advantage:


Which one would you go with? Do tell.

p.p.s. I am fully aware that my header is still "ode to Christmas 2009". My Photoshop has a huge ailment unidentified. My tech support (Kenny) is working dilligently to perform the appropriate doctoring needed. Hang tight and each time you click on my blog find nostalgia for Christmas past. Grrr..PC...muffle...%$##...hmph.


Anonymous said...

square dancing, all the way. although i mostly prefer even the less-broad term of line dancing, because that's what we did every Friday night every year of working at Vesper Point. it's the best, and man does it make your legs and butt feel good!

also, i can't believe you've never been to IKEA! i will have to go for work to pick up some things between now and the second week of February. let me know if you want to go with, because that would be great fun!


Anonymous said...

Go for the one with the shortest dress. Or maybe clogging so your partner doesn't mess with your style. I think would be good. Thanks for the mantle suggestions.
Gotta scram, I'm at work, more later.


Kim said...

Since I've done both, I have to say clogging. Square dancing has it's perks, like actually having a partner, those cool formations, etc. But clogging was harder, took lots more practice, but the clickety-clack, tappy tap tap sounds and being able to do some really amazing steps was like nothing I've experienced before. And the sense of accomplishment was wonderful. I did this for about 2 years after Tyler was born. Bottom line: go for the FUN!

Beth said...

Awww, I love those pics of you and little miss Mollye! (You need a baby girl!) I would say go with clogging....the tap shoes would be SO much fun to wear even when you are NOT dancing! LOL Now when I hear the song Dancing Queen I'm going to think of YOU :)

Sarah said...

Well I would rather do square dancing myself only because I already did the clooging gig when I was younger, don't remember much though! Plus, square dancing would come in handy at weddings, parties and such when you might actually have a partner.

April said...

Mollye is so yummy! I can understand why you'd eat her up! Absolutely precious! Now, as far as the dancing goes, I'd choose clogging hands down. Boy, does that ever look like FUN! It's something I've always wanted to try myself! Go for it!

Kacey R. said...

LOVE the pics of you and Mollye girl! She is such a little ray of sunshine!

So, I'm also loving you taking a dance class. I thin it is fabulous. And while I think you would do great at both, I am leaning more towards clogging BECAUSE you get the cool shoes and I think you could still rock an uber short ruffled number too....just sayin'....

mollyesmom said...

Love the pictures of you and my sweet girl! I do believe she has some of your dance moves. That girl loves to get down!

Now, about this Aunt Meg taking her out dancing... hmm, well I guess we will fight about it when the day comes. Ha Ha!

On the dance issue, CLOG! You already know the other fairly well. Plus the shoes would just be cool. Even I loved tap dancing as a kid- the shoes were just beyond awesome! Have fun!

Shannon Strong said...

Square dance, square dance...you will LOVE it. I actually talked Ron into learning the "Cotten Eye Joe" so we could end our wedding reception dancing it 8 years ago...and he did...and it was ADORABLE...one of our favorite memories of our wedding day to thsi day! You go shake it sista with your ruffly skirts and cool cowboy boots. Have fun! Hugs

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