Thursday, January 7, 2010


This would be the color on my nails as we speak. I have been wearing this color for about 4 days now and am in love. It's OPI's Greenwitch Village.

I don't normally get all jazzed about wearing funky colors on my nails (now my toenails...that's a completely different story), but I specifically wanted to start 2010 off with a little edge.

Are you a nail girl? I can remember from the time I was just a little pip squeak in pig tails watching my mom maneuver loading and driving us in the car with her nails tacky wet! I can see her taut, slender fingers enunciated from any and all objects. It never failed, that sister always waited until 6 minutes before it was time to leave to paint her nails. And somehow, she always seemed to work it out. The color above resembles a color my mom would always choose only in a Revlon shade. This is OPI's Innsbruck Bronze.

Purple is supposed to be a really hot color in fashion this season. I am contemplating making OPI's Purple on Purpose my February signature shade. And this color is HANDS DOWN a must have in your nail polish library. The perfect anytime red. I particularly love it for my transition from summer to fall. This is OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress.OPI's Baby It's Coal Outside.

And that's the kicker for me. Not only are OPI's nail colors great as far their durability and easy application, but they also have the coolest names.

OPI's Glamour Game.

I like this one too. Looks like a great winter shade as well as the perfect change up shade from all your razzy brights in summer.

Not gonna lie. These thoughts have always been a-swirl in my noggin:

1. I would secretly love to work for OPI.
2. I would love to be the one who named the polishes and collections.
3. I wonder if I could be a tester for new colors and then write up summaries on my opinion.

And here's my latest obsession. This hue was from 2009's Holiday Wishes Collection. It's called Dear Santa. It was sold out in all area stores, but I have coveted it online and actually spotted it on 2 different ladies out and about.

Don't think for one second I didn't skeedaddle on up to these complete strangers only to confirm that they were, in fact, wearing "Dear Santa".

Cause a girl's gotta know.

So nail color fanatics unite! You just have to go check out OPI's website. I mean whoa. Completely and totally over the top fun. They even have a cyber hand model where you can try on all the colors and even decide what nail length she should have.

Cyber hand paper dolls....EEK!

And don't EVEN get me started on the whole advertisement regarding coordinating your next DELL computer in your favorite OPI shade. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. My new DELL would be Cajun Shrimp, no doubt. But alas, my next computer will be a MAC.

Initials vs. Nail Colored Computers

You know initials win out.

OPI's Cajun Shrimp (MY signature color)

Lacquer feens, like myself, go peruse this site. It has a great deal on shipping if you plan on ordering larger quantities. I love the high end organization all of the shades to maximize your shopping experience. Placing an order with them this week! Yep, Dear Santa will be on my packing slip.

So whether it's nail color or not, go on. Get saturated something you lOvE!

.mac :)


Jenglamgirl said...

fab. polish totally digging the green, how fun! love dark brown on the nails, but have noticed that the funky bright colors are real big. Purple, colbalt blue, green.... love it!

April said...

Sure wish I was brave enough to venture out of my comfort zone and try some of those bold colors...I love them ALL!

mollyesmom said...

Careful, Careful with those bottles! A friend of mine just last weekend could not get one to open. She asked her husband to do it, and he happily obliged. Let's just say the bottled shattered in his hand, and he ended up with six stitches! Ouch! But, I agree if I was a nail person; their colors rock!

Anonymous said...

Wonder Twin . . . I have Dear Santa on toes now! :) I can't believe you wouldn't give a shout out to Dutch Tulips . . . the best OPI nail color . . . ever! :) It's still my go-to color choice when in doubt.

Oodles of OPI love from,
A Diva in Nashville

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I wear the funky colors on my toes. I can't seem to keep color on my fingernails--I have recently been wearing Saphire in the Snow--I think that is the name of it--purple!!!

I am gonna do the green for March--St. Patrick's Day--we O'Briens love our March 17th!!

Weeksie50 said...

Yes, I am a nail girl.. and OPI is my fave : ) like you I love the names..

right now I am wearing black with pink tips.. I am all about keeping it cool ...

Nicole said...

Oh this is a topic that you know I love. I think this is one of the very first things you and I had a conversation about when we "officially" met in Winter of 1995..although you seem to have remembered me from my coral nail polish in high we were playing soccer! haha.. Love it.
I have actually been wearing "Nicole by OPI"...I bought it for my wedding cause I wanted to give myself a little shout out and haven't left it yet. Although I was shopping around for my next OPI purchase the other day...wondering what I will go to next. I have been pretty loyal to "Take A Stand". Check out the site, you can test the colors out on your "hand".

Beth said...

Great colors! I have never used OPI nail polishes, but have friends who swear by them. I have fond memories of my mama always having her nails painted too. Usually a dark brown or copper color.

Jules said...

I love them all. I am not quite so daring on my hands but my toes.....that's where I go crazy. I have your mothers "bronze" on right now. Lovin it!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about you and I rummaging through the bins at big lots looking for OPI! You brought opi into my life. I loooove these colors you discuss. I think I may be about to get myself a treat bottle and hook my nails up! Stella

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I *heart* nail polish-
My mom has always worn polish, on fingers and toes, and started my sis and I at an early age-
I have a sparkly red on my toes currently-and usually have a pale,pale pink on my fingers...but the green, purple and dear santa make me think I need to shake it up a bit...LOVE the colors you showed!!!!
{And Me too! I want to work for OPI!!!}

Jenilee said...

you make me want to march upstairs, grab some polish and paint my nails! I don't paint them that often anymore because dishes everyday and washing hands every few minutes tends to make it flake right off... love your colors though.

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