Thursday, September 2, 2010


A hair follicle frenzy,
Summiting from side-to-side,
A pony tail's roller coaster ride.

Kick-to-the beat pounding,
My feet?
My beat?
Oh, yes.

Massive numbers.
iPods and watches.
"This run's for my daughter fighting cancer" signs pinned ahead of me.
I run faster.

Faster, because I CAN.
Faster, because I AM.

Fumes rumble inside my insides deep.
Decadent primal inertia flickers.

And I...

ignite |igˈnīt|verbcatch fire or cause to catch fire : [ intrans.
Neither sweat nor exhasution can fumigate my soul.I am present.Focused.Salt-N-Peppa's "Push It" Maino's "All the Above"Eminem's "Loose Yourself"
...."And the beat goes on, dadoom, dadoom, dadda..."
All of my yesterday's become my now.Gettum, feet.Legs lengthy, I stretch.Breathes holy and rhythmic.
Find me, finish line. Find me.
Ready or not, here I come.
.mac :)


Work in progress said...

I really love your poetry writings! I love running (it is the space where my head is the quietest and most at peace and centered on God) so I very much connected with this post. Great piece! :)

Beth said...

Run Meghan! Run! I wish I didn't have a bum foot (the one I broke last year still hurts when I just walk). You're such an inspiration :)

April said...

You go, girl! WOO HOO!

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