Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get Down On It...

It's time for the final March Madness Giveaway.

It was a hard choice of what theme song to pick for this post.

I feel good about my selection; one of my all time favorite dance songs,


this ditty was a close 2nd for mere thematic purposes.

I tend to be thematic from time to time.

So, girls,

To enter: leave a comment on this post and answer this question:

What makes you unique?

I'll go first.

I am unique because of the energy I possess. I love the electricity and connections made being around people. I love to create things brand new and fresh-out-the-box. I love to accessorize and write.

Alright, your turn!

What's up for grabs?

I saved the best for last: A FREE k.Mac DESIGN SESSION!

The winner will receive a medium bag in their choice of design, personalization, and fabric collection!


You want to increase your chances of winning?

Post the above advertisement on a blog post to be entered in x 5!

Gotta post the pic and you gotta post why you are unique too.

Picky, I know.
But we ain't just whistlin' Dixie here, sisters.
This is a free design session!

Make sure to let me know you made a post so that I can enter you x 5!

FACEBOOKERS: same goes for you; get creative, girls.

I plan to do a "Celebration Post" of the winner complete with a little bio about her, a documentary of her design session, and even pictures of her with her new k.Mac design. She will be known forevermore as a k.Mac Blogland Celebrity after I am through with her!

So, I'm out and your in.

It's your turn.

Get ready to win.

Winner will be announced Tuesday, March 31st!

Oooooh, I can't wait~
.mac :)

p.s. All previous winners remember, your % offs and free monograms expire 3.31.09! Get those orders in!


April said...

Please count me in! I think I'm unique because, even though I lost my mom, brother, and dad in just 6 short years, God has blessed me with a positive outlook on life. I don't allow myself to get consumed by all the "what ifs". I believe in living in the here and now...tomorrow will worry about itself!

April said...

I put your advertisement at the bottom of today's post! I guess that gives me a total of 6 chances to win, right? I'm really hoping to get lucky! :)

Rhondi said...

I have this unique ability to pair things together that shouldn't match and it works. For example, the colors I choose when I make quilts or how I can do a vignette on a tabletop with totally unrelated things and it looks great! Please enter me in your giveaway. I'd love to win!

TateandLily'sMom said...

Why am I unique, you ask? My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe,
I have one eye that's smaller than the other, I sneeze when I walk out in the sun (my Chemistry teacher tells me its genetic???),
I have 14 moles on my left arm and 3 on my face and my dad used to tell me they were angel kisses, and I had bunion surgery when I was 12.

Copied from

Stella Blue said...

Boy howdy, I want this bad! I'm unique because I can read people like a book, and hit dead on what they're feeling and need. I'm unique because I can design on a dime. Look at my blog to see why else I'm unique.

Paulette said...

I am unique because...
*I have red hair (there are only a few of us naturals and everyone wants to be one) * I'm a grazer and eat 5-6 small meals a day, but never too much at a time * I think I'm the best Mamie ever because I really have never grown up, I'm still a kid at heart * and lastly I think we have a destiny so I live each day with that in mind and don't worry about the rest!!

P.S. I posted this on my Facebook!!

Tara Canterbury said...

I am unique because I can get people to tell me things, I can talk almost anyone, and I make friends really easily.

Sarah said...

Hey Meg--- I married my high school sweetheart against all the odds. We had some bad times in highschool, like most teenagers who are immature, but I always felt God leading me to Tyler. Others thought I was crazy and such but look at us now! I feel that we are unique because we have been through trials and know so much about one another and now 3 1/2 years into marriage (8 1/2 into our relationship) we are so strong! I feel unique in that I let God guide me and take away any pain/resentment I had from our past, allowing me to be where I am today. Garyn is so wonderful to me and reminds me all the time that my highschool dreams are coming true!! :)

p.s. posted ad on facebook

emilie said...

I'm unique because I always carry around boring, plain-jane purses when EVERYONE else has cool fabric, monogrammed ones. Sure would be nice to find a place that makes such cool purses!

Julie Shaver said...

Me, Me, Me--pick me!!!! I really, really, REALLY want this one!!!!! I am unique because I am a curly-headed, obsessive-compulsive, t.v.-loving, God-following, stay-at-home mom who really wants to reward herself for all her hard work. Can you feel me? :)

Julie Shaver said...

P.S. I posted your link/picture on my blog.

Amy Lafayett said...

I'd love one of your unique designs. . . and as for what makes me unique - hmmmm. . . I actually love to speak in front of large groups of people. That is most people's biggest fear and I feel most comfortable when I am talking in front of a large group of people. I facilitate and teach teacher inservices on bulllying, drugs/alcohol/violence and have a GREAT time doing it!

Silly Sample-s said...

Sup KMAC...I am unique because I love being goofy, I still love the Kraft Mac n Cheese out of the box like mom used to make, I still play soccer at 32, I enjoy listening to my friends and the courage my friends have to start their own companies!!! I definitely would LOVE to win a kmac bag...I already have my eyes on one!!
You are posted on my FB!

Also.. I would like to encourage those FB users to join the group "I love Kmac Creations"!!!!


Anonymous said...

Get down on it . . . ahhh! Nothing like a little Kool and the Gang on a Friday afternoon! :)

Unique . . . it's one of my most favorite words in the English language. My uniqueness is shaped and molded by the hands of God. It's what makes me . . . me!

I love and appreciate all things hand crafted. I try to only have original art in my house. I also try to wear jewelry that's handmade, unless it comes wrapped in a green-blue box with a white ribbon tied around it (AKA - Tiffany's)!

Handbags are included, too, especially k.Mac bags, in particular. I love to carry my k.Mac day satchel bag b/c it is an awesome way to think of my fellow Diva and accentuate my uniqueness all at the same time!

A few other little tid-bits that I consider to be unique about myself . . .

* I can write backwards as fast I can write forwards.
* My elbows are double-jointed.
* I am now addicted to coupons, Kendoku puzzles, and TiVo.

Throw Energy's name into the hat and extra five times! I posted your pic and link to my FB page! :)

Oodles of love & cheer,
Energy (Angie B. of Nashville, TN)

A Year in the Life of..... said...

I am unique because I am me. God made me who I am and I attempt to live up to all his goals for me. I am kind, generous, faithful, adventurous and most of all ME!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hmmmm.....I didn't know what i was going to say as to why I am unique except for the whole sunglasses in the shower (your response comment cracked me up) but it just hit me - I am unique because I don't love chocolate or shopping (unless it's food shopping).

Becca Rocha said...

Hey! I am unique because today is my birthday!!! This would make a lovely bday present. I'm just sayin'...

Becca Rocha said...

Oh, and I'm so about to put this on my blog!

Becca Rocha said...

Ok, so I put it on two different blogs...does that mean my name is in it 12 times? A girl can try, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey MAC! I am unique because I have one L in my name...most people spell it with two. Also, I have a strong passion for animals, people, and coupons! My passion is why we have four pets ( I wish I could have more). Also, I am a great speller and very fast at math in my head. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. Posted on facebook too:)


Heather said...

I get so excited to see your latest designs via Aut. I think it sparks a creative drive in me to use my hidden abilities to create precious keepsakes for my children.
I consider myself unique because I was a softball/soccer athlete that played percussion in the band. I was in Student Council yet on the Debate Team and in the Foreign Language Club. I hated school but became a teacher. I hate surprises but I love to be spontaneous. I love to travel but want to have roots. I feel I am unique because my life is full of contradictions but each has led me to have a more fulfilled life.

Jill said...

Love the things you create. I am unique because I lived in South America for two years and came home to the USA, met my husband on the internet and we have been married almost ten years with 2 lovely girls and we all love us some Jesus.

Jforehand said...

I am unique because I have lived in so many different places. I enjoy moving (which most people don't) because I love to learn about different places and cultures. It is amazing to see how different people are from one area of the country to another. I am also unique because I am quiet. I do not usually speak unless I think I have something usefull to offer - especially when I am in a group of people. My friends who can get to me know that I am more than just a quiet shy person.

Kacey R. said...

This looks like fun and it looks like a few of my buddies have joined in on the fun! WOOHOO! Happy giveaway! I just wanted to say hi!

Oh and...

She's dressed in yellow she says hello come sit next to me you fine fellow _______ _____ _______ ______ ______ __ ______ _____ ______. Bust a move!

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