Thursday, March 19, 2009


On Sunday, it will be 33 years ago that this picture was taken.
me and my mom
on my birthday

33 years later, here I am.

Blessed with a wonderful husband,

2 beautifully healthy and wonderfully unique little boys,

And the chance to create.

Years build.
Stack one and one on top.
I am blissfully grateful...
that my texture doesn't stop.


$33.00 (a great # might I add) off your k.Mac purchase: Cee Cee! She sent me a comment via email and posted some k.Mac love on Facebook to get her in x 3!

Next week's giveaway is our last one in March!
It's a doozy! Be on the look out for details.
I'm off to celebrate 33 years with a weekend full of my boys.

Happy spring!
.mac :)


Julie Shaver said...

Have a wonderful birthday weekend, Meghan! (Scott's birthday is Sunday too, but he will be 36.)
Do all things you love with people you love. :)

Carla said...

A very happy birthday to you!!

Anonymous said...

hope you have a perfect birthday weekend!

Judy said...

Happy birthday just a wee bit early. I hope your day is a double blessed one.

Stella Blue said...

Happy Birthday Soul Sister! It's getting to be time we get in each other's pockets! My spirit needs a MAC attack. Billy busters and creativity, let's hit it. I love your blog, I love your creations and most of all I love you. The sprit and spunk you give life is an example to all. Thanks so much for working me through my spiritual gift issues of late and giving me the licence to be me!!

CELEBRATE with those boys!!!!

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