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An Easter Celebration: A Parade of Handmade 2012

Creating is my passion.  I have no doubt that God spoiled me when he gave me this gift. And, I am ever so grateful that He reserved a special place for me on this Earth to share this passion with others. k.Mac is such joy to me.  It is everything that I hope one won't find in stores. It is my soul's song to help others find the you in their unique.  This Easter season has been wonderful in doing just that.  Without further ado, I present to you k.Mac's Parade of Handmade. 

Mollye Addison and Mallory Alaine's Easter baskets!  

I love the prints the Easter Bunny left!  My brother is carrying on the bunny print tradition from our Easter Bunny visits when we were little.  That Easter Bunny leaves prints at our house too.

Check out this niece of mine in her {mollyemade}!  Mollye's favorite color is purple.  I  made this outfit last year a size bigger so she could wear it for 2 Easter seasons.

This next  outfit will go down as one of my most outfits I have made.  Kim asked me to make Mollye an Easter basket liner in purple.

And, well, I couldn't resist making a matching outfit with the EXACT replica applique of her Easter basket on the shirt!  She has been able to wear this outfit for 2 Easter seasons as well.  Is anyone else out there BESIDE THEMSELVES that she has her EXACT Easter basket on her HER SHIRT?  Eek!

Mallory's basket was actually the inspiration behind k.Mac's Build-a-Basket Sale.

Sweet Mallory Alaine says, "Mama, my first Easter is much better when you hold me instead of my Easter basket made by Aunt Meg!" {precious}

Next up is Mr. Holton Robert Bickel.  I had the honor and privilege of making for my cousin's little mister who lives in Maryland.  

If you only knew my cousin Robb, you would know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!  What a cutie!

A sweet client of mine from Kentucky ordered this basket for her twin boys to share.

LOVE the red and black combo!  Also, love that they share a basket.  So sweet and brotherly.  I adore getting to see these baskets in REAL LIFE!  Here it is ready and waiting for Hunter and Mason.

  What was your favorite surprise the Easter bunny brought you?

 MASON - money for skylanders 
HUNTER - Pokemon cards   

 How many eggs did you find on an Easter egg hunt? 
both - 37

 Do you think the chocolate Easter bunny can still hear when you eat his ears? 

 um...NO..why because hes made of chocolate, Mom?!

Where does the Easter Bunny live? 

in a magical kingdom or maybe inside of an egg

Look at these cuties!!!

And, then there's a sweet little red head FULL of personality that I had the pleasure of making for...
Miss Hallie Kate's basket is too die for!  LOVED the choices her mama picked out for her!

Do you see the determination in this missy?
Game face and destined to out hunt anyone.  Her mom said that she found more Easter eggs on her hunts than most of the older children.  Fiesty and fearless....and so dang cute!

I was also honored to make a small Miss Merry Mac Pack for Hallie Kate for Easter.  

That mama of hers is a genius when it comes to selecting fabrics.  She chose "Island Time" fabric collection for HK's pack.

I love the richness and outright happy in this color palette!

And, here it is waiting on Miss HK....
SCORE!!  I think Miss Sassy Pants liked it!  Her mom says she is obsessed with her "pack pack" as that's what she calls it.  I so enjoy getting to hear the intimate inside scoop from my clients regarding their designs.

A client from Alabama hired me to work along side her to design her daughter's Easter basket.

Talk about a WOW factor!  Isn't this green and pink the best?!  I really enjoyed adding the striped ribbon against the pink swiss dot.

And, WOW factor is right!  I introduce to you Miss Sydney.  Isn't she adorable?!

Then there's Miss Emily Grace.  I had the pleasure of designing for this sweetie for both her birthday and Easter.
Yellow and pink....PERFECT!  

Emily also was a recipient of a Build-a-Bunny tee.

Just a couple weeks prior she wore this {mollyemade} outfit for her 1st birthday celebration.
Words do this outfit no justice.  Meet Emily Grace....she says it all...
{photo credit:  MHM Photography}

Emily has 2 older sisters and her mama was so sweet to include them in the party details with  {mollyemade} Hair Happies.

I especially love the coordinating approach this client took with her purchases.  She was so wise to match Emily's bunny tee with her 1st birthday pantaloons for 2 outfits out of one pair of pants.  {Clever, Mama!} this girl not the cutest EVER?~

A client of mine from Minnesota jumped right into the designing mix for her precious daughter too.  Claire worked with her mama to design her basket.  I love the colors she chose.  She was so decisive too.  Very clear that she wanted pink, green and purple!  Her mama surprised her with her very own bunny tee.
Ready for Miss Claire....

NO WAY!!!!  Claire has a REAL bunny for a pet!  THIS made my entire EASTER!!!!
Sweet Claire in her bunny tee.  What a cool mom to find a gingham flower head band to match Claire's Miss Bunny bow!

This was her mama's favorite picture of Claire.  I couldn't agree more!
Go Claire go!

What was your favorite surprise the Easter bunny brought you? 
"I love the candy he brought me."

How many eggs did you find on an Easter egg hunt? 
"On the first one I found only 1 egg...just one.  Then, I found 5 eggs at my house."   

 Do you think the Easter Bunny can still hear when you eat his ears?  
 "Yes, he sure can hear.  Because he can hear me, that's why."  

Where does the Easter Bunny live?  
"In downtown Minneapolis." 

McKenna Jane just had to have a basket too!  McKenna's mama LOVED all the color combinations to design with.  She finally settled on purple and green.  I so love purple for a little girl!
Waiting on Miss McKenna....
I LOVE THIS SHOT!  McKenna sees her basket and is in a full on sprint to get to it.....
Hands on-lock around the goods.  McKenna is ready to celebrate!
Can you say dreamy?  This little muffin is more than I can stand with those puffs!  Eek!
She truly looks like a princess to me here.
If I stare at this picture long enough, I want to climb through the screen and SNUGGLE HER!

Build-a-bunny tees were so fun to make this year!  I love that certain clients ordered a set for their kiddos.
Meet Caroline.  She is a doll.  I love her style.  Doesn't she just have a natural model look about her?  Very poised and confident.  Her mom let her design her very own Miss Bunny.  As a kindergartener, I would FLIP if my mom let me do that!  Caroline has one cool mom.
Meet Evan.  So dapper in his blue bunny tee.  Mr. Bunny has on a green dot bow tie.  I think Evan is ecstatic about that, don't you?!
Brother and sister.  Oh, how I love this picture!
This Indiana client actually did a Google search on handmade Easter baskets and stumbled upon my blog promotion.
I'm so thankful she did.  Meet Mr. Oliver...
SWOON!  The argile navy and orange is seriously adorable!
STOP IT!  This picture is too cute!
Here is what Oliver's mom had to say about her k.Mac purchase:

"Oliver loves it and was even carrying it around despite the fact that it is almost as big as he is. Haha.  Hope you continue doing them in upcoming years so we can order another when we have more kids! :)  He just turned 1 year old a few weeks ago, so this was his first year with fun easter activities.  He had so much fun finding eggs and putting them in his adorable basket.  Thanks so much!"

A very dear Florida client designed these for her kiddos for Easter.  I am pretty sure this client of mine has a super eye for color, wouldn't you agree?!
And check out these darling sweeties of hers!

Sadie says:
Her favorite surprise from the bunny was her Hop Video.
She says she found thousands of eggs. 
No!  A bunny cannot hear without ears!
The Easter bunny lives in the snow by Santa.

Dalton says:
Favorite surprise from the Easter bunny was Spiderman bath wash
He found 18 eggs.
The chocolate bunny cannot hear because it is chocolate (not “real”)
The Easter Bunny lives in Easter Town.

LoVeD their answers!  Perhaps in the snow by Santa is my favorite!

A set of sweet sisters also joined in the fun of designing their own bunny tees. {What a cool mom they have, huh?!}

I loved that she paired it with a ruffle denim skirt!  So fun!
Little sister had to strike a pose too!

1) Favorite surprise: 
Brianna - my princess dress
 Bayla - my sparkly rings
2) How many eggs did you find: 
Brianna - ALOT!
 Bayla - 2
3) Can our chocolate bunny still hear: 
Brianna - No silly! He has no ears! 
Bayla - just giggles continuously!
4) Where does he live: 
Brianna - in the park
Bayla - I dunno know!

These girls are THE best!

Mr. Jordan is up next!  I adore the blue and white stripes with the chocolate and blue argile bow handsome!
Speaking of handsome....what a cutie!
Look at those cheeks!
I think I am in love with this one!
Jordan's take on Easter...

I loved my Toy Story sippy cup with iced tea in it!

Eggs?  There were eggs?  I was headed for the swings and the slide during the egg hunt!

Is that what those big long things are on the bunny?  Ears?  Mine aren’t that big!  And if they’re that big and somebody ate them, I’m sure he can’t hear!

The Easter bunny must live behind Nanny Ann’s house ‘cause that’s where a bunch of my goodies were!

That last answer is CLASSIC!

A special Georgia client swooned at the chance to design for her darling.  She made sure her Anabelle Kate had both a bunny tee and a basket.
I love the aqua accented with pinks!

Meet Anabelle Kate and prepare to fall in love....
Is she not just precious or what?

Here she  is on Easter with her basket chock full of eggs!
I could stare at this picture forever.  It melts me.
Anabelle Kate was all set for one wonderful Easter!  Her face says it all!  Check out her answers...

What was your favorite surprise the Easter bunny brought you? 

toy horsies

How many eggs did you find on an Easter egg hunt?  

Uh, 16 i think.

Where does the Easter Bunny live?

Easter Island

Easter Island....I LOVE IT!

Next up is a brother-sister duo near and dear to my heart.  Piper Rose and Preston Mark's mama wanted something special and unique for her sweeties for Easter.  She chose "Ole Longears", an organic cotton collection, which is absolutely divine.  
Piper Rose wore this on Easter.

And, Preston Mark was all cinched up in his coordinating monogrammed tie...

Are they not the cutest kids you have ever seen?!
I adored making these outfits for them.  It makes me so happy to see k.Mac in action!
Piper and Preston's mom was so smart in her design choices too.  She added a monogrammed tie for their Daddy and a handmade fabric monogrammed corsage for her as well in her custom order.  
I cannot wait to see and share their family Easter photo with you.

This wonderful client of mine ordered Easter outfits for her 3 kiddos.  Here is what her beautiful daughter wore...
It was full length and 7 tiers of ruffles.  I wanted a replica of this skirt for myself SO BADLY!

  The handmade monogramed fabric corsage was such a brillant add-on too.

Her younger brothers wore coordinating monogrammed ties.

  Their family vacation delayed them getting the final photos to me, but here is the ensemble set together.  I'll be sure to share the final shots just as soon as I receive them. 

Here were Makayla, M.J. and Sky's answers to their Easter questions:

Favorite Thing Easter Bunny Brought Me?

Makayla: Miss Piggy
MJ: Batman Lego
Sky: Batman Lego 

Where Does The Easter Bunny Live?

All 3: Easter Island Of Course!!

Do You Think The Chocolate Bunny Can Still Hear When You Bite His Ears Off?

Makayla: Yes, Because There's Holes Left On Top Of His Head Where You've Bitten Them Off!
MJ: No, You Can't Hear Without Your Ears!
Sky: No Comment. 

How Many Eggs Did You Find?

All 3: I Don't Know, But We Found The Prize Eggs!! 

This client wanted her sweetie to be in JUST what she wanted for Easter.  For Mary-James Brooks wanted nothing but pink and purple all over her for this precious holiday.
I think it's safe to say that k.Mac's {mollyemade} came through for Mary-James, don't you think?!

My favorite addition to the {mollyemade} clothing line is the tiered ruffle skirt.  It has such pizazz and spunk.  Plus, it looks great dressed up or with a tank and flip-flops or tennies.
Mary-James wore this on Easter as her younger brother was baptized at their church.  The Whoozie hair bow was the cherry on top!
Mary-James' mom was out of town to send the actual pictures taken from that day, but she did have a quick one taken by her mom's phone to offer up.  I will be sure to share the official Mom pictures just as soon as I receive them!  Isn't Mary-James a natural in front of the camera though?!
A brother-sister duo had these designed by their mom for Easter.  Hallie and Harrison....what fun names!
Their mama was sans camera for the hunts as Hallie is just a little one...but she did have this to say about the baskets:

These baskets are kaaaaa-uuuute!! Love them!

And, the following designs should not go without recognition as well...

Loved and treasured making this reversible jumper and double tee set for sweet clients of mine for Easter.  

The orange and aqua combo in Kyle's Easter basket is brillant to me!  Very trendy yet all boy too.

sIgH.....Ruby's yellow Miss Bunny tee.  
And, what's not to love about Addison's Miss Bunny too?!

A very special thank you to each and every client who chose k.Mac for custom designing. I appreciate you allowing my hands to make for those closest to your hearts.  It was my privilege and honor to showcase the wonderful growing ones who received k.Mac for their Easter memories and traditions.  This parade of handmade is a feather in my k.Mac cap.  

Please feel free to share this blog post celebration with your family and friends.  I hope you caught a lot of cyber candy throughout this very special parade! Do leave me a comment to let me know what you enjoyed best; I would love to hear from you!  And, if you might be in need of more sweets, do check back to the k.Mac Facebook page today as well as this weekend to find some sneaky deals as well as to see the Debute of Gifts for Mother's Day.  I have a feeling you will be very excited to place some handmade orders for that special Mom of yours.


.mac :)

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