Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Plunge

A receptacle of necessity.
Dumped on.
And in.
Stagnate and Dingy.
A container of waste.
{One in the same.}
Clogged and compacted.
Full of poison.
It overflows.
So do I.
Plumbing problems are always internal.
And sometimes you just have to sit in your own stink.
Sit and Smell.
Cold and contaminated.
Then with a quick repetitious suck.swirl.flush...
You are clear.
{A few sprays and swipe downs later.}
An alabaster white vessel.

I can't quite tell you why the toilet has been on my mind today. Perhaps it is because I live with 3 boys. Yes, let's blame it on that. Constantly preaching for a steady aim and clean no-drip finish, I do. Results don't always end up that way though.

And isn't that life?

There are so many facets of my life that I strive for that steady aim and clean no-drip finish. But alas, the stench lingers. Potent and pungent is the aroma of my shortcomings and mistakes.

How I long for a life as crisply breathtaking and inspiring as what you see here.

Vivid colors saturated and complimentary.
Yet, no.

And why is it that we all seem to think that life, in fact, should be that way? And that if and when it is not, we are the ones loosing it, cooky, or just not up to par.

Pattern sculpting.
The heart of the matter.

That's what life is really about. And least I am leaning towards this mental mantra right now.
I am adamant that my toilets will not reek of urine. No sir. Not in THIS house.

But, I go at it all wrong. And this just occurred to me today. You see, I stock up on cleaning supplies with all the best advertisements and guarantees. Then multiple times a week I spray all 3 toilets from top to bottom with these magic chemicals.

And then...
I let them soak in.
I do.

The spray turns into sticky residue and then a cloudy dried film on my johns.
Because my intentions aren't matched with my actions.
I over plan and under-achieve.
And before you know it, I have waisted countless 1/2 bottles of disinfectant and still have only dirty potties.

Does that sound like life to you?
I'm gonna attempt to stop that right here and right now.
I am plunging.
Can you see me?
My plungers:
  1. This book and this book. I will read and take notes. I will let the words soften my heart and speak to my spirit.
  2. This book. I will make changes to brighten and bring order to the world where I create.
  3. I will run. With music loud and air drums jamming.
  4. I will fill my belly with goodness for me.
  5. I will rest.
  6. I will listen to Kenny's dreams and wish for them to come true.
  7. I will drink more water, damnit.
  8. I will wipe down my toilets everyday.
  9. I will paint my fingernails more. It's something I like to do.
  10. I will call my favorite peeps more. I need to hear their voices and just maybe they need to hear mine.
  11. I will romance my husband more.
  12. I will write on just exactly what my heart needs to say.
  13. And most of all, I will pray and thank God more.

Yes, I will strive to live for the transitions and gain from their place in my life instead of aiming for the perfection of a bathroom that doesn't exist.

Because there is no such thing as a clean no-drip finish.

.mac :)


Jen said...

I think you just explained my life to a T. Maybe its bc we both have 2 boys and never enough hours in the day. In fact I have been thinking lately on what I can do to make everything I dream of and think of more real. I eventually just realized instead of hoping for perfection- I will aim to work harder at life!

Kristi said...

I like this post! I must say, though, that I doubt you have wasted 1/2 bottles of disinfectant... you are awesome, sweetie. AND, I hope that I am part of #10... I miss you ;0))

Shannon Strong said...

I feel ya...I hear ya! I find myself thinking of toilets too-is it because I am the only woman in a house full of boys {excluding our one female black lab?} ha! Who knows...but I LOVED The five love languages when I read it before Ron and I got married 8 years ago...and still pull it out periodically to refresh...I never knew they made one for the love languages of children...I might just have to go buy it now! Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas. God Bless-hugs ;-)

TateandLily'sMom said...

Can I add one more thing to the list?

It might involve finding new "Best Customer" since old "Best Customer" had a big boo-boo over break.

Just let me sign this...
Margaret Ann

P.S. It is still quite a lovely purse...wrong monogram and all :)

TateandLily'sMom said...

And one more P.S.

The Love Languages for Kids completely changed my outlook on raising my two. I never read the book because I cheated and took the online quiz, but now that you've reminded me, I'm adding it to my list for 2010!

~Margaret Ann "AO"

Nicole said...

You just inspired me to go outside and take my dog on a walk even though I have a stinkin' cold!! THANK YOU my wonderful friend! Speaking of painting your nails...you wouldn't believe how long it has been since I painted my toenails and you KNOW how much that is an obsession of mine! I think I might do that as soon as I get back from my walk...thanks for the toilet image...it spoke to me and woke me up from my FUNK. :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

...something to think about-this is so true of all of us, I think!
Have a Happy New Year-I think you got me on the right track in my thinking! Toliets are not on my top 10 of loves with four boys here as well-

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Thanks for giving me lots of good things to think about, sometimes I feel like I just don't have time to even think!
I like your list and am gonna add some of 'em to my lists!
Have a Happy New Year, fellow TN gal!!

Anonymous said...

I'm letting Fancy help me type this as I'm responding away from home. I love this post. I can tell your wheels are turning, heart reflecting in preparation of a new year. I can't wait to chat with you and talk about it all! Love you!


Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow. Not many people can compare life to a toilet bowl so eloquently. And have people get it. And I GET it. You're so good!!!!

Here's to a cleaner soul & toilet in 2010.

Happy New YEar!!!!!

RunnerGirl said...

I read The Five Love Languages and thought it was awesome, didn't know they had one for the love languages of children. I'll have to check it out!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

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