Friday, December 18, 2009

Making a List

You see these toes?

These are OPI's Cajun Shrimp toes.
My all-time favorite nail polish color.
Just look at them. All flirty-flirt with the waves as they cascade ashore.
I bet those toes even bounce up and down as the white caps crash at their tips.
{Splashin and makin a regular rowdy saltwater ruckus.}

And those thighs just above the knee?
Sportin' the opaque sand skirt.

Who me?
Do you think that's just what I've been up to lately?
Forgetting all about this ole blog?
Neglecting to even keep up with my suber-fab favorite blogs that I LOVE reading.
Leaving this space naked of any December posts.
Almost all of November too for that matter.

Do you think I just threw another notch back in my sand covered chase lounger and twirled the tropical toned umbrella in my fruity concoction when I received almost 50 emails concerning my whereabouts in blog land?

Do you think I just looked the other way in my Jackie.O. shades as my very own mother-in-law interrupted me in mid-sentence when discussing my business with her to say, "Do you know the last time you posted on your blog was November 4th. November 4th to be exact."


No to all of the above.

The truth.

You want the truth do you? Hmm. Okay, I'll give you the truth.

  1. My toes (I have 10) only have polish on 3 of them as pointed out by my 2 year old to me yesterday. He then went on to express that they were also "Really, really long, mama."
  2. In the last month, I have fallen asleep at night not once but 3 times IN MY CLOTHES. 2 of those times my shoes were even on. Each time I woke around 3 or 4 in the morning to discover that I had been asleep!
  3. My home is a Christmas winter wonderland. Really it is. Complete with the newest addition of wreaths on the outside of every window. (Wreaths I paid a whopping 20 cents each for including the bow at last year's after Christmas sale) Yet my back porch is still all decked out with my fall lights of orange and yellow. Yep, it's true. I shutter that I just admitted this. Truth hurts.
  4. Since my last post (11.04.09. Thanks for the reminder, Carlene) I have mopped my kitchen floor once.
  5. I had all of my Christmas shopping done by December 1st, but have wrapped nothing.
  6. I have left the house not once but 4 times WITHOUT curling my eyelashes. (Angie and Stella Blue, you girls know what curling my eyelashes does to my moral and overall beauty mantra. Yeah, 4.)
  7. The dish washing liquid container in my dishwasher is broken and will not stay closed. As a result of this faulty device, my dishes come out cloudy once washed. And what do I do? Just squirt more liquid in this faulty device and re-wash the dishes. {Like do I really think they are going to turn out crystal clear a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time? Really, Meg.}
  8. In my downstairs closet, I house an arsenal of my craft supplies, homeschool gear, and some of the boys' larger toys. Over the course of just 2 weeks, I have managed to topple almost every basket over in several mad dashes to grab something. What did I do? Grumble ugly things under my breath each time and just shut the door. Kenny was in for a real treat the other night when he opened this closet door to get the cat food out. Marriage really is for better or worse.
  9. I have had my Christmas cards printed out and ready for mailing since December 5th. I mailed them just 2 days ago.
  10. I have eaten 2 bags of Hostess Sweet Sixteen Chocolate Donuts that I bought for my boys and Kenny for a breakfast treat on the weekends. These would be the big 13 oz. bags. Just hoarded them away so that no Cobble man or boy could even see that we had them in stock.
  11. I have had a wonderful response this year to my Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods Line. I have gone through over a 100 pounds of soy wax making candles this Christmas season. 100 pounds of wax and I make each candle in quantities of 4 at a time. That there, my friend, equals a lot of wonderful donations to The Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Special Olympics.
  12. My fingernails do not have dirt under them when you see me in person. That would be paint. Paint from handmade sign orders.
  13. I have gone through 25 needles on my sewing machine. I change needles every 2 designs made. I think my boys think that Christmas music is just supposed to have the humming of a sewing machine in the background.
  14. I made 15 appliqued Christmas t-shirts with names embroidered and doused in ribbon trim in one week. {mollyemade} is gonna be so much fun!
  15. I have enjoyed every minute of un-made bed impromptu snuggling and book reading with my boys. They are growing way too fast.
  16. I ordered $350 worth of fabric for spring bags! Not to mention 12 new embroidery fonts too! And, there are 4 new bag designs in my trusty Steno pad as we speak.
  17. I have piddled around with a new blog header design, added an extra column, and figured out how to increase the size of my posting photos too.
  18. I have 2 bags left to finish and send out tomorrow and my Santa workshop is closed for the next 12 days.
  19. I am overjoyed to be back in posting action! Thank you to all of you checking in on me. It was so kind of each of you. Yes, even you, M-I-L Carlene.
  20. I CANNOT wait to kick back with my feet up and catch up on all of you from the past month and a half. And I will. Just you wait and see!

I got my eye on you. Well, maybe not from here, but a girl can dream can't she?

7 more days...

.mac :)


Kacey R. said...

Welcome back sista! I wish we were at the beach - we'd both make time for a pedicure wouldn't we? :-)

Beth said...

I have missed you! Glad you (and your toes!) are back. I just figured you were busy, busy, busy with your beautiful creations. Girl, you are rockin' that bikini ;)

Nicole said...

omg...My Meg Is Back!! I swear, everyday for the past 45+days..I have come to the kmac blog, saying "Come on big money...NO WAMMIES!" But alas, no new blog. BUT...I knew my girl must have been craaaazy busy! Miss you OH SO MUCH... can't wait to catch up with you!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're back. You've been MISSED!
Keep those bells ringing and joy in your pocket!

TateandLily'sMom said...

I am just glad that I can have some Meghan moments outside of this blog or I might have lost my mind. I would like to say I am not responsible for your chaos this month, but so have some beautiful KMAC gifts under my tree. I'm happy to have you back, girl!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Holy cow, I am exhausted for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you have so much going on but so much GOOD stuff. And I am glad I am not the only one who HAS to curl their eyelashes. And I do each one for about a minute. 25 secs just won't do!!!!!

Well, Merry Christmas and welcome back!!!!! I didn't check in you but I did think of you!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

So glad you are back!
I have missed your wit!!

Merry Christmas!

Jessica said...

Shew...talking about a Christmas wonderland...we got hit by the blizzard (a post is over at my blog) and we had been without power and phone and are now without water. We are making the most of the season, but sheesh! LOL

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh, MAC!!!
It is good to see you-fall decor on the back porch, and paint under your nails, and peeled off toe polish!!!
I have missed you!
Glad you are here,your posts are always a treat to read!
...Wish I was at the beach too!!!

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