Friday, February 27, 2009

Spit up in Style!

Hey chicas!

You will have to excuse the delay on the reveal. The afternoon got away from me as I am working on a new bag's gonna be a swell one, sisters. Trust me!

Then it was off to a basketball game with the boys and Kenny.

Alas, I sit here in my jammies after a long, hot bath. I am presently feeding my face with peanut butter cornflake bars and overdosing on skim milk at an hour much too late to metabolize such sweet caloric goodness.

What am I doing? You guys don't care about that. You just wanna know who won the....


Well, excuse me!

Lamo, I know. But who could resist?

Okay, okay. Enough.

Congratulations to Ruby Red Slippers!

You, my sweet snow angel, have won 1 free ribbon burp with personalization! Just shoot me an email at to discuss colors, themes, monogram, name with initial, or name!

Thanks to all that left me a sweet something!

Be sure to check back often as k.Mac will be doing weekly giveaways throughout the entire month of March!

There is much to celebrate this month so be sure to join in.

Let's start now, shall we?

First up...ummm, how about a free handbag?!

This will be a new custom design currently on my drawing board. The winner gets to pick between two of k.Mac's brand new fabric collections. No, don't ask because I'm not givin' any sneak peaks, girlies! You only get one hint. Remember the perfect combo? Well, one collection is __________ and the other collection is __________.

Alright, now down to business.

To enter this giveaway:

1. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about the month of March.
2. To have your name entered in THREE times...that's right THREE times...copy and paste k.Mac's March Madness advertisement into a post on your blog. Leave a comment back at my home base to let me know you have done so.

That's it! I will pick a winner this Wednesday afternoon, March 4th.

A new bag for spring...
A new handmade bag for spring...
A new handmade bag for spring that I won...PRICELESS!!!

Feelin' lucky,
.mac :-)


TateandLily'sMom said...

I love March because:

a. It's birthday month
c. The end of college basketball season and the return of my husband

Does March love me? I guess we'll see...

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Wow! I can't believe I won! This is fantastic-for my sister, that is! I will be giving it to her!

My favorite thing about March is St. Patrick's Day-I love buying matching shirts for my boys, hubby and me to wear. We aren't Irish-just wish we were!

Anonymous said...

1. My 2 favorite things about the month of March are (a) that it is when things start to feel spring-y, as in wearing long pants and short sleeved shirts with a light sweater AND (b) it's right after all these HUGE youth events at church and that means there's a TON of time to just spend loving on students and hanging out! woowoo!

2. I am posting to my blog right now! ow ow!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I listed you on my sidebar with a link...

TateandLily'sMom said...

Check out the March Madness blog for my shout out!!!

The Obstarczyks said...

I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE your bags and love the way that you write. I have two boys as well (3 and 1) and your blog a few days ago with your list of 10 things just cracked me up! Sounds like my life, thank you PBS!!! =) It's so awesome to find other Christian women who blog and share inspirational, relational things about their lives. I could only HOPE that I might win one of your awesome creations! =)

I'm copying and pasting your March advertisement right now. Oh, and PS - what I love about March? It means Easter is coming and I love spending Easter with my family!

pam said...

I love March for a couple of reasons, first I welcomed my first child March 11th, and of course the first day of spring!!

Tanielle said...

Cute stuff!!! My fav thing about March is the tulips peeking up to let me know that warm weather is right around the corner! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

A Year in the Life of..... said...

I posted you on my blog with a link to yours. You will have to read my blog to find out. If you cannot access let me know. Lizbeth Opiola

Nicole said...

My fav things about March...
1. Time change is NEAR
2. More time outdoors
3. March madness BABY!
4. Tulips are popping up
5. Spring is just around the corner!

Much love to you Meg!


Anonymous said...

March. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. I get to mix my genres of clothing. (i.e. turtlenecks and cropped pants, sweatshirts and shorts, etc.) Nothing better than that first tease of warmer weather to come!

2. I notice a change in my moods around March when I can shed those winter blahs!

3. And, who can resist wearing green on St. Patty's Day? Always a fun day! :O) Archer J. loves to get decked out in his green sequined bow-tie!

Here's to hopping I get to win the latest and greatest k.Mac design! :)

Oodles of love & cheer,
(Angie B., Nashville, TN)

Anonymous said...

Baby hit me one, two, three more times! I don't have a blog, but I posted your link and March Madness photo on my facebook! :)


Nicole said...

I don't have a blog either, but i posted it as my profile picture on Facebook!! As well as putting the link as my "updated status"...thanks for the idear Ang!!!


Kacey R. said...

I'll be back to officially enter but wanted to let you know I have something for yo at my place.

Do kids stop screaming in March? If not, I'm not really feeling March...but if there is hope, I will be a sport and think of a few things to love about the month.

Anonymous said...

oh mommy mac,

i don't even know how you have the time! i am extremely encouraged by the way you teach and entertain your little ones, however. keep it up! because reading your blog is good for my future children :)

sew sew sew.

goodness gracious... all the things that would happen here if i ever got my sewing machine fixed...


Jackie Phelps said...

As of last year, I love March because that is the month that my precious baby boy was born; but generally, I've always loved March as it ushers in a new Spring...the "popcorn" trees are a family favorite! :)

abmosley said...

I love March:

1. for the wind...I am a weather maniac...probably should have been a meteorologist

2. for Spring Break at school...agreeing with TateandLily'sMom on this one

3. Knowing that Spring is coming with all of its wonderful glory!

Ashley W. Nelson said...

I don't have a blog, but put you on the all-famous FACEBOOK :o) Maybe I should start a blog... I better it's better than paper-journaling it :o)

What do I love about March...

It is one month closer to my birthday... but after turning 21, those could have stopped coming and I would have been fine staying at that age...

We SPRING FORWARD... oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE time change... especially when there is more daylight to be had...

It's the start of Spring in general... everything feels new and reborn after a long and cold winter... buttercups start springing up... closets get cleaned out... It's the one time of the year I feel NEW :o)

Anonymous said...

I love March for a number of reasons...1st we spring forward which I know we lose a hour, BUT it will start staying light later which is fabulous! Also, I love to see all the flowers bloom and all the pretty colors!

Hope you are having a good week Meghan!


Anonymous said...

I put a link to your blog on my facebook status. I don't have my own blog. Hope lots of people check it out!


Cee Cee said...

I love March because I was born on the first day of Spring. I love March because the flowers begin blooming and you can see God's presence all around. I love March because I can begin to stroll Baby Colton and play with him outside.

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