Sunday, November 30, 2008

I write.

I write.
I write because of the journey.
The path of ups and downs.
We all travel its one-way streets,
Only to find, at times, we wanna turn around.

I write because it feels good.
I write because its free.
The keys clickety clacking,
The release of emotion and meaning from me.

My words are human: flawed as they flow.
Ideas and concepts a twirling,
What's 'round the bend who knows.

The path I take is narrow.
Few passer-bys I see.
Our heads up nods and glances
Is the vulnerability of letting thoughts go free.

A pen and paper.
A mouse pad and keys.
Therapy. Expression: My mind's revelry.

Topics as skim as milk.
Or thick as butter fat.
My brain does the cooking.
My fingers stir and keep track.

I am a traveler.
A vagabond of dreams.
On the road to tell my story,
Inspiration is my gasoline.

The company I keep is you.
Whether you're in plain view or not,
I thank you for your companionship.
Your visits mark my travels sought.

I write to connect.
I write to create.
This path I take is full of surprises,
For that, I celebrate.

.mac :-)


Stella Blue said...

Amazing, this is so so good! Keep it up sister, keep it up! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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