Wednesday, October 31, 2012

365 days

{October 31, 2011}

Change happens.  It sidles up alongside of each of us only to make new of what is our normal.  A little over a year ago, our family left a sweet and happy life on Hillcrest Road.  Watery wells turn to fully capacitated reservoirs in my eyes at even the slightest glimpse back to this documented goodbye.  Change, you never fail in leaving behind reminders of your movement in our space of life.  Today marks 365 days that our family of four has called Dumplin Valley our home.  The image above was taken on the day of closing.  Framed and fixed atop my mom's antique glass cabinet, these little faces in film are proof of change and its profoundness and definition.  
We have been so very blessed in what we now call home.  This foreclosure found its way into our hearts.  With prayer, guidance and God's ability to provide at just exactly the right time, we were fortunate enough to find ways to improve its existing hiccups and, more importantly, sign on the dotted line of sold.

So much goes into home.  It's hard to explain really.  It's your place.  Your spot.  Your refuge from the world and your big shoebox of memories too.  The memories this home has given us the past 365 days have been tremendously sweet and rich.  I wanted to take time to recollect on a few.  Our new friends, our surroundings, our pretending recounted both here and here.  Her visit.  Our creations.  His passion.  Not to mention, a wonderful set of neighbors surrounding us, a great football family and a church that all 4 of us adore attending.
Dumplin Valley has a chapter in our lives.  It's being written and revised everyday. Year one is complete. I smile deeper as each snippet of time is cut out and placed inside the above shoebox for keeping's sake.  A special thank you to the irrevocably constant beauty of change.  For your artful way of existence weaves a tapestry of a timeline that's unique to each of us.

.mac :)

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