Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choices! Choices!

It is high time to get back into the swing of things in k.Mac's cyber world.

Let's celebrate with fabric!  Ahhh, fabric.  I love you so.

Macbook, I love you too.  

I have a client in beginning the design process with me.  She is having a little girl; her second to be exact.

After discussing with her the little one's name selection, my client's hobbies & interests, as well as colors she is drawn to most, I gathered fabric collections that seem to most suit her.

And, here they are:

I rely strongly on colors a client is drawn to as well as their hobbies & interests. And I like to request the little tee-tiny one-on-the-inside's name as I love to consider what personality this newborn may be.   

It is important to me that the custom design I create be a perfect fit for the mama and the baby.

And now, I ask you to help my client out!

Of the fabric collections above, which one would you choose?

Can you tell I'm a bit over zealous with with graphic computer capabilities?

I mean really it's been 8 WEEKS a long time without a computer...

.mac :)

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